New “online time” calculation in user list

I tried around how to best represent if a user is an active one or not and came to the solution to display a user’s average minute since he joined the server on the user list. Since we only record the online time since November 2013, any user who joined before that is only measured since that time of course. If you have been absent for the last week, this time is also counted so absence decreases your online time.

I found it quite interesting to see how active some of the new users are, and I think this number should also play a role in the promotions decisions.

7 thoughts on “New “online time” calculation in user list

  1. I saw this before this blog post, and loved it!

    Tar_Bender is #1 as expected. :D

  2. Hmm, interesting statistics. Owl, nice.
    I also just noticed that I had my 2 year anniversary some days ago!
    I want to thank my PC to hold up so long, the server for it’s uptime, the comunity for it’s good and social being, and whoever else needs a cyberpat on his/her shoulder about right now.

  3. Wow Sleepin_Owl……. 11 hours a day on average! You now beat out Tar_Bender by a hair. :)

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