New Email system up for testing to replace Courier!

I have just created a new email system. It should replace courier for the long run. It’s not 100% finished and I would like to have feedback to it. It works similar to courier:

You have one draft that you start with /mail new <recipient> <title>. It will show you then the new draft with the ID it received.
You can optionally add text to it by using /mail text <message>.
You can send it with or without text using /mail send. If you want to cancel the draft (you cannot edit title or recipient so far) you need to delete it with /mail delete <id>.  Once the email is sent online users get a message that they got a mail, otherwise when they login. You can check the other commands with the /mail command.

Things to come:

  • receive e-mail alerts (real email) when you get a mail from in-game while you are off-line
  • have a message reader/editor on the website
  • import of old emails from the courier system
  • maybe I will phase out the ticket system
  • maybe multiple recipients
  • others?

What will not come?

  • attachments (we have a deposit system already)
  • sub-folders other than inbox, outbox, trash, draft

Please test this and tell me if you find any issues, bugs or improvement potentials. I will continue to work on it but I wanted to make this public as a beta so I can catch errors early.


2 thoughts on “New Email system up for testing to replace Courier!

  1. If it would work/is not planned, could there be a way to read past messages?

    • Yes there is now already, just read the contents of the trashcan. they are nnot really deleted.

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