New feature: scheduled crashes!

I have calculated that the server has a severe crash about every half a year. It normally results in people losing a lot of inventory or parts of the map being reset. If we have a crash about every six month, the next one is due around May. In order to prevent these crashes to come as a surprise, I will schedule the next crash for the coming weekend and thus prevent one in May.

So we will delete around 50% of all inventories, reset some random lots and wipe about 30% of the Unc accounts on the server come this weekend. The % chance of something happening to you will increase by the level of annoyance you showed during the last 30% of chat multiplied with the time you have spent on the server.

In order to give a better service to the users, you can already now ask for refunds, which I will of course refuse. I am sure that this will reduce the annoyance and shock for the users in case their stuff is gone, increase reliability and general satisfaction with the server.

25 thoughts on “New feature: scheduled crashes!

    • Then I’ll be freee! (Too bad you can’t ban me now!)

  1. Man, I really liked my stuff too.

    Unc, can’t you just place a hole to the void next to spawn and we can all throw half our inventory into it so we don’t crash and still leave the server up and running?

    And make sure to take all Dai’s diamond reserves. He doesn’t use them anyway.

  2. I will lose 65532 sticks, 42 seeds, 64 N64 and a big floating pink gummybear. I ask you for a refund of these nao!


  3. My diamonds, my poor diamods. I will have to go back to work now.

  4. To think I spent all this time hoarding cobble too! Darnit! I demand an advance refund of all my cobble! All of it!


  5. I will lose all my dirt that i have in deposit all ready, 112078, my Mooshroomeggs, I think 3 of them, 25 stacks of wood, over 100000 cobble that I have in the shop and 5 diamonds. Also my Ghast in my Kingdom lots will become alive with a glitch that happens when the server resets and will go around in the Kingdom randomly destroying tree houses, starting with mine. My Nether Dragon that is escaping a huge nether portal on my Kingdom lot will head for Pine’s town, take it over and set up housing for his huge zombie pig army. For those that lose their homes I have several open houses in Christmas Town in the Kingdom set up for shelter. I also have a huge hotel for shelter too. When the Ghast attacks I have a few underground tunnel systems so we can travel unharmed and hide there if needed. A huge underground bunker will be in the making real soon for survivors to hide in for the End of the Server.

    • AAAAhhhhh. My husband pointed out that if I am going to make an underground bunker that I will need to connect everything with a huge underground tunnel system. Well I needed a new project. This is what I get for watching End of The World movies with my husband while sick with a respiratory infection. I will be back on soon to get to work on this new project soon, once I am feeling better. Man this project will take several months.

    • I will apparently lose my city , all my items , and my uncs , in turn , a glitch will occur where 50 giants spawn every time someone says the word “the” in chat. Said Giants will attack pines village , and ocupy it until the awakening of the Giant king , these monsters will attack all cities , and kill and insta-ban players they destroy. We will take shelter in VIxen’s bunker and pray … We will then have to recruit more players , but the giants will ocupy Spawn Village , so it will be a lost battle , recources will eventually run low , and we will resort to cannibalism

      (Sounds a bit like the Walking Dead in a way)

    • Oh but I am for real on making an underground bunker. It will be huge. I was looking for my next project.

  6. I support this 110%. Maybe even add in a random ban generator. After all, Niccolo Machiavelli once said,

    “In government it is better for a ruler to be feared and successful than it is to be loved and unsuccessful.”

    The ultimate goal is to be loved and successful, which is only obtained after being feared and successful. This is because the community will always know that the ruler can be fearful.

    So lets get these random bans going! Philosophy rant!

    • I love this idea , and make it to where the longer you;ve been on , the more likelly it will happen!

    • Most rulers who rule by fear end up dead though and don’t live for very long…

      • They just don’t know how to get rid of their threats quick enough.

  7. Well, my lot will soon be back to normal! It’s basically filling in a gaping hole in the ground. But also killing various lives in the process. :D

    • you should be able to smell the sarcasm from those posts , lol

  8. i cant believe it took me a whole day to figure out this was an april fool’s joke. >~<\
    dear God i feel sorry for whoever marries me…. XDDD

    • Don’t worry! Lots of ladies and men enjoy slow thinking girls. XD

      • gosh sleepy, what would i ever do without your reassuring spirit XDDD

  9. Well good thing I’m kinda inactive, although I suppose it doesn’t matter then anyways.

    My beautiful house… sniff.

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