Fresh start into the summer!

As I wrote earlier, I have been quite busy the last weeks with becoming a father, on top with some huge projects at work. Since this week, the biggest part of these projects were finished and I have a bit more time now. So here are some updates on what was going on in the last days on the server, and what to expect in the coming weeks:

  • We got listed for some weird reason on a pixelmon server list and attracted a lot of new users who then got disappointed that this is not a pixelmon server after all. I had to go there, claim the listing and fix it.
  • There seems to be an issue with Vanity titles. I looked into the code and could not find any obvious issues. Please do me the favor and try it out with small and short vanity titles. Please write down exactly what you did, what you expected to happen and what actually did happen so that I can fix this.
  • Minecart mania still is bugged, even the latest version is creating issues on this server. I will have to do a reduced test-server and see if there is a conflict. If I cannot find it, I will have to switch to something else for good.
  • There were several strings (color codes etc) that people can write into books that would make the in-game commands to fail if you carried the book on you. I informed the author of the plugin causing this, and the error was fixed. I am waiting now for the new version of the plugin being released and then we should be good. It’s not a critical issue but can be confusing/annoying.
  • The shop data website is bugged. There is so much stuff in the shop now that the code generating the table times out before it can finish. I need to either aggregate it or split it over multiple pages.
  • The settler test has room for improvement. When people click “back” on the page after failing the test, their selected lot is changed to the default (first in the list). I am not sure how to best fix this. There could be a second confirmation step where people are shown the lot they get again before it’s assigned for example.
  • The user voting needs to be fixed. This should be done soon.