Minecart Mania fixed!

Minecart Mania is now (once again) fixed. There are some small changes to deal with issues encountered in the past:

  1. Powered minecart tracks now only push the minecart forward when the track is ON instead of OFF.
  2. Since the directional launches in combinations with launch signs did not work, there are now 4 additional blocks that launch the minecarts in distinct directions. The black wool will still launch, but in the old-fashioned, prioritized directions as available:
    Wool Color Function
    Black Spawn, pickup, and launch in priority directions as available North > East > South > West
    NEW: Purple Spawn, pickup, and launch south
    NEW: Light Blue Spawn, pickup, and launch west
    NEW: Orange Spawn, pickup, and launch east
    NEW: Cyan Spawn, pickup, and launch north

2 thoughts on “Minecart Mania fixed!

  1. Whoo Hoo! Subways back in action. Time to go put in redstone torches sounds like!

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