Shop data fixed & simplified

I have now fixed an issue in the shop data page: As reported previously, the shop page failed to display detailed pages of the current stock values since there are now more than 3000 different positions in the table which we cannot display on one page without the server shutting down the process for taking to long to finish.

To go around this issue, I have now implemented 2 changes:

  1. The stock summary now does not show all item types, damages and enchantments at once anymore. It aggregates items on type-level. So it shows for example only one line for all diamond swords, not matter how much damage or enchantments they have. The items now have a link on each line that you can click. Those bring you to the stock detail page (see next point)
  2. The stock detail page does not attempt to show all the stock at once anymore. Instead, it will only show all items of the same item type (e.g. diamond swords) in all variations (damage, enchantments, colors for wool & glass etc). In order to pick an item type to be displayed, you can either go to the stock summary page and chose one from the list or pick one from the drop-down on the top of the stock detail page.

These changes make it a bit more difficult to compare different things next to each other (for example a gold sword next to a diamond sword) but at least they make the page displayable.


2 thoughts on “Shop data fixed & simplified

  1. This is a very tidy system you set up there. Very good to look at.

  2. NIce Unc! Thanks again for all he hard work. I dont know how you do it.

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