New Personal Shop& Deposit page online!

To be found newly under the “Your Stuff” section on the website, you can now access information about your personal Deposit, Requests and offers in the shop as well as recent transactions done involving your account.

I am hoping to add additional / better functions here to allow you to do better business on Uncovery and to increase the competition. If there is any specific information you would like to to see regarding your personal shop/deposit items, please tell me and I will consider including it on the page.

16 thoughts on “New Personal Shop& Deposit page online!

  1. I like it, and I don’t think it needs any other options/info. It should not show lottery items tho, if it can be affected. To me it shows some of them.

      • Cause it doesnt show anywhere near them all. I think all or nothing, that’s why.

        • I agree with that, but I prefer the “all” instead of “nothing.”

          But yes, if “all” cannot work, then “nothing” would be better than “some”.

          • The mentioned page shows only some lottery wins here and there, not anywhere near all of them. At least for me. Not that it concerns me much, but no lottery wins shown at all would be better than some random ones. All of them would be even better tho, as azkedar too said.

            • So am I understand that you leave all of your lottery winnings in your deposit? :)

              • No I don’t, sorry if I was unclear above. :D

                To me the page shows some lottery wins in the bought/sold section where ‘lottery’ is seller and ‘Estebanismo’ is buyer.

  2. Awesome! Cool to see this finally realized. :)

    Two apparent bugs:

    – The “most recent” listing shows the most recent 500 transactions, but goes from oldest to newest. So the first 10 you see are the 500-490th most recent, not the 10 most recent.

    – I have several shop listings that don’t show up, is it possible that you’re only showing listing that actually have sold something?

    • I, too, would like to see my money status on the site.

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