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While the possibility to use banners is still some weeks away (1.8 has to be released, then all the plugins updated, and then we need to upgrade), I have been thinking it would be cool if we could have a system where users can define a banner that is unique and cannot be used by other people. Please note this is a draft and I am not even sure if this is feasible. See why below.

To achieve that we would have to:

  1. Disable manual creation of banners. Banners would be made on-line (on a website like this) and then given to yourself with a command (and possibly for money).
  2. Users could reserve an amount of banners for themselves, depending on their user level and donator status. Those reserved banners would belong to them, and nobody else would be able to make the same banners.
  3. Optionally, certain colors or elements would be permitted only for certain userlevels. So for example, only DonatorPlus would be able to use the Creeper logo, and only Elders would be able to use the color Purple
  4. In order to force a certain complexity, there would be a minimum of 4 layers so nobody can reserve a black only banner.
  5. To prevent that people do not make a black only banner by covering up 2 other elements by a black top and black bottom half, a logic would have to be introduced that prevents banner-filling patterns on top of other things. This should be possible, but probably complicated. If this is somehow not possible, the whole thing would become a bit meaningless.
  6. In order to make better use of rare items to be used for banners (creeper & wither skelly heads), we could require people to actually have one of the items in their inventory before they can get a banner.
  7. Potentially we could also limit the amount of layers per user level.
  8. Any pattern/color combination that is not reserved in any way would be available for anyone, anytime.

So I guess the whole thing stands and falls with this question: Can we have a logic, that would prevent reserved banners to be replicated easily with a different, but similar pattern?

One way to do that is to require the reserving user to simply pay attention that they do not create a banner that is easily replicated. The other way is that we simply do not allow more than one of the elements that would in combination cover the whole surface.

Any other ideas that could make this more interesting/feasible?


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  1. I think this is a pretty good idea overall. Letting people “own” a unique banner pattern is a good idea. Having them be at least 4 levels complex is good, so a general, simple pattern isn’t locked away from everyone. Speaking of which, I do think that that 3 levels of complexity or simpler should still be obtainable by everyone for general purposes (use as colored wallpaper? idk). I really like that the rare items (wither skeleton head, enchanted golden apple, and creeper head) will be required to reserve that banner pattern, in order to give those item purpose in the game. I’m not too high on whole colors being locked away from certain user levels. It seems a little silly to me at least. And if the items are to be required anyways I don’t know if those pattern should be locked behind a user level either. I’m not too sure what to make exclusive; maybe settlers can only go 4 levels complex, citizens get 5-6, etc. I think that you should have to pay uncs for each banner you spawn in so they’re not spammed everywhere. Plus they can be used as furnace fuel apparently. We can’t be giving furnace fuel away for free now can we. If you can get logic working so people can’t duplicate other people’s designs with a technically different pattern, then this will work great I think.

    • Thanks for the input. I added point 6 & 7 to the list above to clarify.

      We can still define what makes something exclusive, colors, layers, patterns or amount of unique reserved designs. We should not make it too complex, but we have 2dimensions that overlap: User Level & Donation level. So 2 of them will be there, and they should be significant enough to make a difference. So I would always pick the 2 strongest differentiating ones, such as colors or patterns.

      Definitely each single banner will cost you something.

  2. Just another thing to add. Perhaps it would be a good idea to allow those who have reserved banners to allow other people to use those banners.(like giving permission to use a copyright.). This could perhaps work in a similar way to giving build permissions on lots. This might enhance the whole idea of having a guild/nation, which seemed to be a popular topic a few weeks ago. I also agree with caterpie’s suggestion that banners with a complexity of 3 layers or under should be available for free use.(for a price of course)

    It may also be a good idea to increase the price as the level of complexity goes up(rather than restrict it to userlevel). Just as it is good to have a lower limit on complexity, I think it is also good to have an upper bound, so people don’t go crazy with it.

    Aside from that, I agree with everything on the list(with the exception of maybe rank restrictions). This is a good idea! Hopefully it can be implemented easily enough.

    • The ability to allow others to buy your reserved banner is basically possible, but it would require you as a user to maintain an accurate user list of the people who are allowed to get it. While technically possible, I think in the beginning we would first force the copyright owner to hand them out.

      I never thought to limit complexity of any level from anyone. If you want to make a banner, you can do so. Only if a banner design is reserved, or it’s color, then you cannot. Also reserving of a special banner is limited as described above.

      Good idea to charge per complexity level. What rank restrictions don’t you agree with exactly?

      • Specifically the colour restrictions. I think I misinterpreted what was said about restrictions on complexity levels. Ignore that bit please.

      • Also, in terms of distribution of the banners, I agree with the idea of just handing them out. For some reason that didn’t cross my mind. Much simpler than creating a whole system for giving permissions.

        • We also would still need to have a way for multiple users to have the same banner. In the case of guilds, or factions like Non-Oculto Imperium and such where we need a common banner fr several users to display along side the city banner.

          • I am an idiot with no sleep. I just reread that above Unc.

            Ignore my comments since I cant seem to delete it

        • Well, as I said, technically it’s possible, I just think it’s something more by the user to maintain. I think it’s easiest to make a chest full of them and allow people who have rights to your lot to take some for example, or to send them via deposit (although I am not 100% sure yet if the deposit can deal with them)

  3. Random thought here, but since a player is able to wear a banner on their head but on via console commands and not normally, maybe that could be a reward for donator plus?

  4. The price for creating a banner be a one time fee right? Not a rental like the vanities?

    • The cost for “creating”, i.e. buying one to get in-game is a one-time of course. Just like buying from the shop. Now that you gave me the idea, reserving it could be a rental…. nah. Just kidding. It would not make sense to lose a design because you did not pay the bill and then someone else snatches it up.

      However: If you abandon all your lots, your banner copyright would expire, too.

  5. Quick question, would banners create significant lag? In what way? Has this been tested?
    New users shouldn’t be barred from using a new block, but I agree they should have to pay for a complex design that is unique and reserved- therefore I also agree on the idea of giving more options to donators and higher ranks.

    *Obviously, if lag is an issue then just treat banners like vanities that can be bought, shared, and sold with what is described below.

    So I propose to..

    Allow banner making in the world (solid colors).

    Allow custom banners to be bought and reserved on the website (but no solid colors).
    Maybe they can be activated by placing them in concert with another block, like if they are placed above a sign with a function code typed into it.

    The way to detect counterfeit banners would be to…

    A. On web, have a graphic representation next to the name and the time they bought/(shared/sold[B]) it.
    *A) This will allow others to view everyone’s banners, but I believe in the “Have a banner for a lot until it resets” rule. No time limit. However, citizens and above can still do /seen to snatch up a banner.

    B. Again, about using signs, to generate a code that is unique for that player’s banner, and posted to them if they are logged in (to the website and game for convenience).

    *B) This would make banners sharable and able to be traded. In order for this to happen there will have to be a banner-sharing command language, much like the lot sharing system Uncovery has right now. Also, if the banner is sold or shared then that graphic (A) updates to have the banner graphics on whoever is being shared or sold that banner.

    ** AND perhaps there could be free custom banners that represent Uncovery.
    ^^^ Nice contest!

    • Alerwig,
      what you want sounds good but is too complicated to do. I will not be able to allow some banner making in-game but not complex ones.

      I don’t understand what you mean with “posted to them inB.

      How would my banner graphic change if I sold it?

      Uncovery banner sounds great!

      • I think the best way is to have a plugin… I wouldn’t want to be limited to just 1 banner- what if i have different kingdoms with separate themes?

        A plugin is the only way to allow banners to be crafted and stylized on web.

        I wish i knew how to make mods.

        *le sigh*

        • I think you are making the wrong conclusions here. Plugins normally do not have web interfaces. Also, not using a plugin does not limit to 1 banner.

  6. Maybe there’s s plugin that does this? I’ve seen plugins do some pretty amazing things on some of the larger servers.

    • Yeah, will check. If we want to integrate it with the homepage, we will have to do it ourselves, though.

  7. Suggestions:

    0. Only reserved banners can be purchased.
    1. Settlers can’t reserve patterns. Citizens can reserve 1, Architects 2, and so on. DonatorPlus +1.
    2. A clan/guild can reserve 1. Members can purchase it.
    3. One or more Uncovery banners that everyone can purchase at a low price (10 Uncs each?).
    4. Alphabet banners available for purchase?
    5. Additional reservations at a high price? (10K+ Uncs each, or even real money. Banners are a perfect “purely cosmetic item” that can be sold, right?)
    6. Players can trade their banners. Good design makes money.

    • 0. Interesting idea.Will think about this
      1. Hmmm this gets very restrictive. Then Settler can buy only banners from others, right?
      2. Well we first would have to establish what defines a clan/guid :)
      3. Sounds good. That would compensate for 1.
      4. That’s included in 3. I guess?
      5. Sure.
      6. How? Give a banner to someone else? I guess I cannot prevent hat anyhow. I will see if the shop can handle the data.

      I guess the big question in this scenario is: If I create and reserve a banner, can anyone buy it? We could give a ‘royalty fee’ to banner creators when people buy one maybe? My Worry is that with the billions of possible combinations, in your scenario we will have only about 100 different banners on the server.

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