Blog registration & changing usernames

As you know, we have been using the blog for whitelisting for quite some time. With the changing username, there are 2 issues coming up:

  1. If you change your username and comment on something, nobody will know who commented, since the name in the blog will be different than in-game.
  2. If you abandon a username, someone else can pick it. But they won’t be able to whitelist here, since someone else who does not use the username in Minecraft anymore, still uses it as their log on the blog.

to identify users, I already store the new UUID in the wordpress table, so I can link a website user to their minecraft persona, no matter if the username in the game changes.

So to fix point 1., I have to make sure that the username shown in the blog stays updated to whatever your in-game username is. The good thing is that there is a so-called “Nickname” on everyone’s profile. If I manage to prevent users from manually changing it, I can update it to always show the username that the minecraft profile has.

To fix point 2. I have to either allow users to register with ANY username and ask them for their current minecraft username and store that one along with their UUID for identification, or I have to set their username on the website to their UUID. Since it would be quite annoying to register and login with the UUID since nobody remembers that 36-digit code, I would have to change the login and registration pages to ask the users for their current minecraft username and lookup the UUID with the code to fill their login-form automatically. While this is cleaner, it also seems more complicated.

The good thing is that the solution for point 1. has to be done in both cases to solve 2., so if I fix that one, it would a good step ahead to solve the issue. This is why I asked the question here, and hope to get an answer soon. To all those who currently set a custom nickname on the website, sorry but that will go away.


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