New rule on Elder Level

Since being Elder is not only a privilege but also comes with some obligations, I will now start enforcing these obligations.

The issue is that we have people who are proposed for Elder level, and 100% of all active Elders have to vote on them for the vote to be successful. We even send an email to all active Elders to remind them whenever there is a user proposed for Elder status. Unfortunately, some Elders do not want to stop by and Vote. They only show up every two months or so to keep their lots active.

In the future, whenever an Elder fails to vote for a proposed Master within the 2 months of the voting, we will simply reset the lots of the Elder. I will send out a note to the Elders in question to make sure they are aware of this.

13 thoughts on “New rule on Elder Level

  1. Well, if that doesn’t teach people to be active, then nothing short of a demotion will :P

  2. Personally I would have thought a more rational solution would have been to change the rank up process from all elders approving to none vetoing.

    After all, lots would reset on their own due to inactivity so this isn’t incentive for long afk elders to come back to vote on new elders.

  3. I agree with psiber. Why not use the elders who are active for voting? So this rule is essentially pushing the Elders who own a lot of land but are inactive. Is that rank and the lot space now too cluttered?

    May be less harsh to do demotions (and therefore lot removal), but i know that is more difficult and the Elders should be more active.

    Might as well call out the elders who do this. I just like their builds *shrugs* why remove all lots for not voting? Others see these builds and are very impressed.

    I’m also wondering if this might be applied to Uncoverians who log on but do not vote on the websites for 2 months? That actually makes more sense than the elder rank-voting system. The amount of votes on the websites, and promotions (like from Poke), should be encouraged.

    • encouraged? i meant Enforced. Voting on websites should be enforced.

      • No, encouraged is the right word. If there is someone that I don’t see their build because they are never online when I’m online – I’ve not going to vote yes for them. I’m not going to vote no on them either. I abstain as I have no idea one way or the other.

        Unless you’re talking about the voting for the server through outside websites – in that case I still disagree but for other reasons.

  4. Another thought would be to create another rank (e.g. Ancients) and move those of us who were once very active and involved but who can no longer retain their activity levels due to other obligations into that category. It could be used for just Elders who have passed on into the Aether… or the Nether… depending on their perspective. Perhaps make it an option for those of us who fit the category, or perhaps have a minimum login requirement (slightly more restrictive than lot reset) for a period over 2 or 3 months (or even 4 months, since some don’t play through certain seasons because of summer or school, etc.).

    Just my aging $0.02.

    • I wish I could contribute like I once had, and help out in this community as I once had, and see the builds I had once walked across the map to see… but my aging, tired, old, ancient legs just don’t let me get around in here as often as I would like. I definitely don’t wish to be a burden to those who ARE still active and keeping this wonderful community strong!

  5. I like this, but if their lots have already reset – there is no further incentive to come vote.

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