So spigot & bukkit was just shut down…

Bukkit is a server project that converts the vanilla minecraft server into something that can use plugins. It’s the main base for many minecraft serves and for all the plugins we are using. Spigot is a derivative of Bukkit built for higher performance. We used to run Bukkit for a long time and switched to Spigot some months ago since it’s better for lag prevention.

While Bukkit was taken over by Mojang quite some time ago, Spigot was not. Both projects distribute the server code with it. Since Spigot does not have the right to do so, they are violating Minecraft copyright. The worst part of it is that BOTH are distributed as an open source project. And there Minecraft defintely never gave the license to do so. I also assume that since the website Bukkit and it’s plugins are hosted on is a part of the Curse network is another issue, since Curse is making money with ads on the Bukkit pages and therefore essentially profiting from this copyright violation, too.

IANAL (I am not a lawyer) but my take is the following: Bukkit belongs to Mojang. They bought it back in the day when they hired the Bukkit developers. The people who have been distributing Bukkit over the last months however do not work for Mojang. Spigot has been taking that work and distributed it again. With the fact that Mojang included the new EULA since the last version already, and now will start do develop the Bukkit code themselves, they want to stop any further other outside parties to infringe on their rights. They are making a clear cut with version 1.8 and want to take the server software from this version under their own control, and they very much have the right to do so.

The Spigot admins said they want to get a lawyer, but the only thing the lawer will tell them is to shut down their site and be happy they do not get sued for damages.

Personally, I fully support Mojang in this, in the hope that the release of Bukkit for 1.8 – which they said they would make – does not take ages to release.

Why do I support them?

The main reason we have issues to attract users is that other server which charge 160 USD for people to get a userlevel on the server pump that money into marketing, and server lists auction off the top spots on their lists for thousands of USD. It’s money for nothing and an economy built on copyright violations that thrives from teenagers stealign their mom’s credit card in order to boost their egos on servers that host 2000 people – all built on copyright and license violations.

And this is also the main reason why we are behind in donations. Because many people who would be able and willing to give money, rather give it to servers where they can buy themselves whatever their equivalent for Elder level is.

We can continue running 1.7.10 until Bukkit will be released for 1.8. Depending on how long that takes, we can make intermediate decisions. However, there is still a HUGE amount of work to be done from my side to make the server ready for 1.8. For example, the whole lot management still does not run on UUIDs since the Worldguard version that would support this is not released yet.

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  1. Well I suppose we may have to wait a bit longer for 1.8 possibly. I’m fine with that. I know you are working hard on this and it will get done when it gets done.

  2. If spigot gets sued for damages for providing a platform for people to play MC together, of which a purchase of minecraft is required, then I lose all faith in humanity.

    • Multi-server environments that are only possible because of Spigot. They are notoriously those who charge 100 USD+ for pay-to-win. Kids paid the money and then parents came back to Mojang because their kid wasted a LOT of money for “Minecraft”.

      If you wrote a closed source program with the explicit instruction not to re-redistribute it, but give it out for free, and someone else takes it, changes it to fit others who then are able make a lot of money with pay-to-win, thus violating policies that you made to protect users, hands it out as open source, and then parents of users come back at you who told everyone not to do what just happened, you would do the same.

      • In a sane world, the people selling the Win and the parents who don’t watch what their kids do are to blame, not spigot themselves.

        • Note: A simple cease and desist order to the server selling perks is what I would do.

  3. I am perfectly fine with waiting until everything gets sorted, and I support Mojang in this. Let’s keep this community alive people! :D

  4. I find it interesting that there was never much publicity about bukkit actually being bought out by mojang back when they hired the devs to work on the primary code base.

    A lot of servers that flipped mojang the bird in a major way must be pretty unhappy right this minute about the possibility of mojang controlling the on/off switch (legally) for a server they run (more so than previously if they control the up to date distributables).

    I’m just praying that at the end of the day Mojang does the right thing by its users and produces a product of equivalent quality to spigot with full integration and routine updates.

  5. Not a big tecchie in anyway i enjoy the game and relax, if waiting for bukkit to pick its heels up and upgrade to 1.8 also means that unc has some time to finish the preperations towards 1.8 then all the better as it has already been said i am in no hurry and just do your best like you have always done unc.

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