31 thoughts on “Today’s upgrades: Sleeping_Owl

  1. WOOOOO! Now there’s one predictable upgrade. Congratulations dude, very well deserved!

  2. Congratulations to you, Owly! I believe this is a much deserved promotion to a man loaded with integrity. I have to also say that I’m delighted to have an Elder to my favorite server ever living in my general area :).

  3. Yes! It’s about time. Congrats Owl!! This is the most deserved upgrade we have had, it’s been a long time coming.

  4. Gratz, Owl! You more than deserved this upgrade! :D

  5. Thank you my friends. You make our community awesome and I appreciate it. Thank you Unc for creating and supporting the server, and thank you fellow elders for inviting me to join you.

  6. Great news! Congratulations!
    I appreciate your assistance and moral support very much.

  7. Congratulations Owl!! I was waiting for this upgrade to come :D

  8. Congrats, Owl, and thank you for being such a mentor on the server!

  9. Congrats Owly! And thanks for leading me to King_T2! Unfortunatley, I acciedently set my spawn to there to my house in empire xD :P =(. Can you help please? But still Congratulations, Sleeping_Owl!

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