Shop & Shop manager status

I have been working again more on the shop & the shop manager. One thing to be done is to convert the shop & the deposit overall from numeric item IDs to item names. The next thing is to finalize the shop manager.

For the transformation to item names, I have just now finished the deposit box. The shop still has to be done and is therefore currently offline. This should not take too long I hope.

Since the shop manager is currently only displaying information (I hope it will be possible to buy & sell stuff there sooner or later), I change things there on-the-go and this means that for some of the items you might get an empty screen or some errors. In that case, just ignore it and wait for it to be fixed, it’s all a part of the process.

6 thoughts on “Shop & Shop manager status

  1. Would it be an idea that at some point, when there aren’t more pressing matters, to look into finding a way of purging items from banned or inactive users from the shop?

    Just an idea :3

  2. Well, it would tidy up the listings a lot, there’s a lot of people who aren’t around either because they got banned or no longer play, and the uncs going to them are basically dead space instead of going to people who perhaps want to buy a kingdom lot, skyblock lot, or who just like to have money to spend in the item shop.

    It would also help settle some of the prices on items, a lot of the banned users have items at not-so-friendly prices, and we get pulled up for it when we match or just slightly undercut them because the price is still deemed too high.

    Plus an active economy is much more fun than a half dead one, at least IMO.

    • Yeah I agree that prices can and should fluctuate, and if someone 3 years ago put up a vast amount of something, it might distort the prices. Anyhow, banned users should not show up when you search in-game for stuff. I still have to enable that in the shop manager though.

    • Also, while I can simply delete the stuff from banned users, I am not 100% sure what to do with the offers & requests from inactive users. Just remove it from the list or dump stuff back into their deposit? Maybe the latter is the best?

  3. Probably back into their deposit, then if they do resurface, they haven’t lost anything, and if they want to they can put things up at whatever the rates are at the time of their reappearance. Banned users did still show up a while ago, whether I missed a change or not I don’t know, but if nothing else, it might save a tiny fraction of file space XD

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