We’re moving!

So while on the surface, the server has been running fine with the new harddisks, I discovered that the brand new seconday HD has issues again. I am quite fed up with this and started to shop around for alternative offers and found one from 1&1. So I signed up for a new server which will be faster, more RAM and will have even an SSD for overall less money per month. Sicne the contract with GoDaddy just expired I won’t pay double. So in summary we will get:

  • 12 Cores instead of 4
  • 32GB fully usable RAM instead of 8GB Ram (4 usable due to Ramdisk)
  • 240GB SSD
  • CentOS 7 instead of 6

I will prepare the new server once it is setup and then try to make a move with as little downtime as possible. I will make an post here once we are ready.


8 thoughts on “We’re moving!

  1. A new nether, DL, and more ram and processing power? This is better than 1.8!!! :DD

  2. Unc, You’re THE Best! Thank you for keeping on top of things. I’ve never known any server/owner that was so truly dedicated to keeping things consistent and efficiently organized. I appreciate ALL that you do, and I’m sure the things I am aware of do not even begin to scratch the surface of all the serious time and effort that you put forth, (:along with a family to take care of and r/l obligations:)

  3. Congrats.. in the end this week-end’s failure came just in time before you were tempted to renew your contract :)

  4. your awesome unc thankyou so much -hug- and keeping fingers crossed for not too much frustration for the switch over

  5. Thanks unc! Your hard work keeps this community whole! Thank you! :)

  6. man, I don’t know how you pulled it off. You are just… INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for this effort and all your hard work and dedication to uncovery. after this frustrating weekend and all the hard disk problems there were, you decided for a new server. Now this is what I call a strategic choice to save the future. I thank you again uncovery. a job well done. :D

  7. Have we told you lately that we love you Unc? Payday is Friday. I can’t give much, but I will donate what I can this weekend.

    Thanks again Unco for all you do for us.

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