Server move today

I will move the server today to the new provider. This should take only a short time, something like 30 minutes or so. However, I will also have to redirect the domain name from the old server to the new, and that might not activate as fast, depending on where you are.

You will NOT lose anything. You can continue building on the current system as usual. I will shut down the current server, move all the data as-is to the new one, and then start up the new one.

7 thoughts on “Server move today

  1. I can tell the difference already.. the entrances in a new world are a lot faster, which means safer when it’s the nether. Maybe it’s the way it was working a few months ago when I arrived, I don’t remember.. but the last days were a pain, now that I realise it :)

  2. Unbelievably Noble Creator Of Very Enthusiastic Rockin communitY

    • I think you’re reaching with that acronym there, Kenny :)

  3. Great news. I hope, with current precautions in effect, that backups will now endure, and the overall stability is much higher.

    Thanks for your efforts, Uncovery.

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