Short roll-back

Yesterday night the mysql connection failed because of a configuration issue. That caused worldguard to stop working. I fixed the config (that happened because of the vanilla setup on the new server), but because worldguard failed, fire spread was and remained on. So whenever someone came near a location, any burnable items in the are would spread fire nearby and stuff would burn down.

So I rolled back right now from the last backup 6 hours ago. Firespread was on then already, but all places where people have not been in the last 6 hours are fine again. So sorry for people who lost stuff, but it should be only small stuff.

3 thoughts on “Short roll-back

  1. I haven’t been on in a few days now. Luckily this wouldn’t affect me. Fire spreads can really ruin stuff we build. I plan on returning when I get my chances. So I thank you for doing this uncovery. You are the best! :D

  2. The damage was undone, but I will never forget the Great Fire of Bento… (:P)

    • Neither will I. Must have really been harmful. Hopefully your stuff is okay. :)

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