First (tiny) open source project spin-off from uncovery minecraft

I have written a lot of code so far for the server, but most of it I would consider proprietary and very much specially written for this server. Unless someone would have the exact same environment and server mechanics, it’s unusable for anyone else. It’s also not well documented enough to be used as a new setup.

However, I have created a new way to handle errors in PHP and changed the code so that it’s not a built-in part of the rest of the code anymore but rather a standalone project. I have published it on Github today as an open-source project for anyone to use.

It’s a small thing and I do not know if there is more to follow, but my hope is that other programmers will see it, try it out and find it useful, possibly propose improvements to it. If you are using PHP, I would encourage you to try it out. It has helped me a lot with my programming.

2 thoughts on “First (tiny) open source project spin-off from uncovery minecraft

  1. An interesting idea.

    I see its possible extension: using other notification means. Since this is kind of monitoring, adding more alert types can ensure the owner will get notified promptly (by IM of several types, email, something else?)


    • I had this send emails at first. Then I made a mistake in a loop and it sent me so many emails that I did decided I need something else. 5000 emails in your inbox is not funny.

      So I found the XMPP solution. If there are other IM clients that can be connected to PHP, and if someone wants to use those, anyone can fork it on Github now. That’s why I put it up there :)

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