1.8 Update: We are live!

Status (watch this space, I am updating it as I change stuff):

  • Disabled items (will try to re-enable as possible):
    • Minecart Mania
    • Region breed limits (don’t abuse this please)
  • Bugs that most likely need updates by someone else (e.g. plugins, spigot etc)
    • Hunger & eating seems to work sometimes, sometimes not fixed!
    • /home & /homes commands cannot be fixed, please set new homes
    • bouncing on slime blocks fixed!
    • Enchantement costs too much XP (30XP for lvl 30 enchanting instead of 3 as per 1.8 specs) was never broken
    • The 3D map fixed!
    • Log of block changes & Last login info I wrote my own last login & online time function now
    • Banners – Do not keep banners in inventory when chaning worlds, do not deposit or try to sell.  Fixed selling & buying & deposit!
  • Updating the code: Since Worldguard upgrades to UUIDs from usernames a lot of code broke:
    • The lot manager
    • The user list
    • Lot resets
    • Karma
    • The 2D map
    • User voting
    • The settler test (tested!)
    • Flying piston Engines. I tested that now and confirmed that those will not cross lot borders. I do not know how to fix abuse in the darklands however. I might block placing slime blocks there to make sure.

33 thoughts on “1.8 Update: We are live!

  1. Great work so far :)

    Darkland was not dark this morning when I checked it.

  2. I’m sure other people have told you, but eating is bugged. And i think the health is too. a Creeper blew up by me and i didnt take health damage (i thought i got away) but when i went home, i had half my life missing

  3. I have a problem with maps, I have extended once from 128 to 256 but I can’t expand it to 512..

  4. A couple more issues:
    – Bouncing on slime blocks doesn’t work well. Immediately after the first bounce I take damage hit and go back immediately at block level.
    – Can’t activate doors, buttons and levers on lots without authorisation
    – Enchantement costs too much XP (30XP for lvl 30 enchanting instead of 3 as per 1.8 specs)
    – Eating is difficult, doesn’t work each time.

    • The enchantment and eating seems to have been fixed, noticed no problems.

      • It was pointed out to me that if you look at blocks too far to select, you can eat successfully. In case Daiyamondo was doing this and thought it was fixed (I’ve no idea, it might be fixed) then this is how you can eat if you’re still having issues.

  5. When swimming in water with depth strider enchantment, I rubber-band without moving and gets kicked for flying (or related).

  6. You might put “opening doors, activating buttons” in other peoples’s lot in the the list.. this limits visits to other people’s lots.

  7. I had an inventory issue this morning, upon trying to use enderchests in the darkland.

    I put stuff in the enderchest next to owl’s ocean temple, then committed suicide, and didn’t find the stuff at DL spawn’s enderchest.

    I thought the stuff was lost, but then at noon (20 minutes ago, ~4h after this morning’s session) when I connected I made some tests. At the temple’s enderchest there was still nothing but when I went to the spawn’s enderchest the stuff appeared. I picked it up, transferred to my empire’s home.. and then it disappeared again.

    Items lost include enchanted diamond armour (4 items), sword and pick, and a bit of guardians killing loot (shards and crystals).

  8. Lots of work being done by Uncovery for our benefit once again! Might be time for another donation!

  9. Slime block bouncing tested, approved and enjoyed :)

    Same or strider boots.

  10. Hi Unc! Awesome work on the update!
    I’m suffering from some inconsistencies with sticky pistons. Not sure exactly where the issue lies but a piston mechanism I’m using only works sporadically where it worked 100% of the time in 1.7. The coord’s are x:1450,y:5,z:13 if you need to see the exact issue.

  11. ahh. At last, we have an improvement. Love the updating. Always good to stay updated. Once again Uncovery, another job well done! Thanks!!! :D

  12. Hiya, this is great being able to access others homes etc… but can we all be trusted not to loot others chests? i was just able to open a neighbor’s chest and take and replace items. i would like to trust everyone and hope we all leave each others things in place and as we found them. :D

  13. I am having a problem with Enchanting Tables costing 30XP instead of 3XP and 3 lapis it may just be we need to update to 1.8.1 for it to be permanently fixed

    • I cannot influence that. Please make sure your client is on the latest version (1.8.1). It should work fine with the server.

      • tried that it still costs 30XP I even broke and replaced the Enchantment Table and it still costs that much I will try it again today to see if its working now

  14. About the /home commands,
    If anyone is finding that they are being taken to the city when typing any of their sethomes then i would suggest trying to go back and /sethome it worked for me and the commands are working fine,
    If there are any other isuues with the /home then sorry no idea how to help.

  15. For the record, enchantment cost is normal now (3xp lvl for lvl 30 enchantment).

  16. I saw rabbits today in the darklands. Thanks for all the continued work Unc!

  17. Armor Stands aren’t place-able in the Flatlands. I wanted to see if i could make a wardrobe redstone thingy.

  18. One thing I noticed on the website (You may already know about this, sorry if it is redundant.), is under the “Server Status” sidebar. My “Member since x days” counter is stuck in the Seventy-thousands. I’m not that old! Also, I have 60 days until my upgrade to Citizen, which is obviously not correct. Hope this helps.

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