Bannerworks done!

I have submitted several bug reports to the author of Websend (the plugin that does all the interface with the website, shop, deposit etc) which have all been fixed now, and a new version of Websend was released. I have installed it and I am currently working on enabling the handling of Banners in-game.

The issue is that they need to be stored in the tables and I want to use the field that is also used for enchantments so I do not have to create another field in each table that I am using. So I have to go through the code and change the way enchantments are handled and rather convert code that was specific for enchantments to a rather unspecific ‘extra data’ type of process. There are more than 370 places in the code where enchantments are handled, so there is a bit of work ahead.

On top of that I am on a business trip, so I hope I can finish it soon, but no ETA yet. I found some time tonight and finished it, so Banners can now be offered in the shop, but just display as “x-layered banner”. Deposits should also work fine (same display though). If anyone has an idea how do display banners in an easy way, please let me know (custom names won’t work).

I am planning to integrate an online banner generator like this one into the website. If anyone of you knows JavaScript to help me there, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Bannerworks done!

  1. Use Websend PHP -> MC and make an online banner shop, and use PHP GD to generate the banner images and then make banner purchases via online only? You could certainly do this for fireworks and the other customizable stuff and make it like the Uncovery Custom Shop or something? You’re doing an awesome job.

    • Yes, pretty much that. Fireworks is a bit tricky since they don’t really last, but for banners I want to do that.

    • I’d most likely just create another table, and in your Websend’s minecraft.php file, add an $arg[0] spot for banner or whatever you want to call the command. And have like /banner offer then pull the metadata out and add it to the banner table. It’d save on query time too. Then I’d do the interface on the website, and you can either make the user buy it by using a command like /banner buy or use a form and buy button to send the command to the server similarly to how you do on the lot manager.

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