Dibs on lot enabled!

I have finished programming and enabled the dibs function now.
You can now go to the lot manager and call dibs on a lot on the bottom of the list.
The lots you have dibs on will be listed also on the bottom of the list.
You can select and action (none or reset) on transfer and cancel the dibs call anytime.


  • Write the actual function that transfers the lot to you after it’s been abandoned. This is a part of the lot reset process fix.
  • Make it somehow / somewhere visible how many people have dibs on a lot.

15 thoughts on “Dibs on lot enabled!

  1. Thank you Unc. I have used it calling dibs on a kingdom lot. It works as I expected.

  2. is it okay to call dibs on 2 lots just in case you dont get the first one you wanted even though you can only have one

  3. Question. When a user that has dibs expires, or hasn’t checked in for a while, do their dibs expire too? If they had a lot of money on their account, The lot could get transferred to a user that isnt active, thus sort of resetting them?

    Also, since some of us wanted to will our lots, can we ask for someone to be moved up the dibs list? Just curious.

    • Yes, the moment you do not have any lots anymore, your dibs will be removed.
      Regarding the will, I recommend that you actually give the kingdom lot to someone in time instead.
      I could also make a function that allows to transfer empire lots to someone who has lots free.

  4. If I know I am going to leave, I would definitely do so. I have no plans to do that though. I never understand the folks that do!

    Was more curious than anything. Thanks Unc!

  5. Great.

    Is the below supported: I can place several dibs (even if their number surpasses the current limit) and they are applied as soon as the “dibbed” lots get freed.

    Purpose: I can specify which lots I would like to takeover, but actually get only that (those) that are freed first.

    • Yes. The number of dibs you can place is unlimited. The number of dibs that can actually become your lots is limited just as normal lot registrations are.

      This was already asked and answered above. If you read it there, but did not get that answer, please tell me what was unclear. I don’t say this as in “why did you not read the other questions”, but much more as in “I might have to clarify stuff above more”.

    • I will try to get it done next week. The whole lot reset is very tricky if it goes bad, so I need to make sure it works fine before enabling it. And if I do not have a quiet couple of hours to test it and fix it in case it goes wrong, it’s not funny.

  6. I understand its okay take your time just wanted to know ;)

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