New Donator perk: Lot expiry protection

I am implementing right now a new perk for donators: For the term that you have ++ donator level, your lots won’t expire. I think it’s very fair that as long as you “pay for it”, you should be able to keep your lots, too.

Update: You can now see how many months a user has left as donator (above 12 months it will just show “More than 1 year”) on their user info page that links from the user directory.

9 thoughts on “New Donator perk: Lot expiry protection

  1. Yay! Seeing as I have donator status for the next 5 years or so I no longer have to worry!!! Not that I plan on taking a 5 year break.

  2. That’s a great perk! I hope that it encourages other members to donate to the server.

  3. Oh my god Unc, this is awesome.

    am pretty sure I was good for a long time anyway, but this deserves more donations.

  4. Very fair, and in the future may even entice old players to come back to their “old stomping grounds”, if they know that the build they spent so much time on was still there to greet them.

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