Shop Manager more or less finished, please propose features/improvements!

I have worked on the shop manager the last 2 days and made fixes as well as added missing features. For example, if you browse for items, you can now see an “Average per week” price history chart.

I would like everyone to take a good look at the shop manager and think how we could improve it.


7 thoughts on “Shop Manager more or less finished, please propose features/improvements!

  1. The charts are great! I hope they represent actual sales and not offered price (which hold little meaning IMO).

  2. Good stuff! I actually liked the Sellers and Buyers tab, with a list of the top sellers/buyers on the server.

    • Yeah good point. I think I should make another section with aggregates. what is losing most value, what is gaining most etc.

      • The concept is interesting but I’m dubious about the indications it can give. It probably would be altered by “agreed upon” sales, which are negotiated in chat then performed through the market.. and do not reflect a real market price: usually after those sales there’s no more of the item available at that price.

  3. It is great to see those logs and charts back :)

    A couple of possible improvements:

    – On the item price history chart, for each dot on the curb I believe we can see the year/week and then the average price.. in addition it would be nice to see the volume/number of items sold.

    – When looking at recent history, it would be nice to know what is the time of the latest sale take into account in this chart. For example, I see that for Gold Blocks the last sale displayed in the “user” tab is not taken into account in the item’s price history chart.

    – The “Users” tab really should be labelled “Short history” or “Last sales”.

    – In the “Users” tab, there is a lot of redundancy.. why not have a single list with sortable buyer/seller columns?

  4. One more: from the entries I see in the “Users” tab I deduce that some of those reflect internal operations, probably offer cancelation (I’m thinking about Bigunga’s sand purchase today while no matching seller appears in the second list). It would be nice to filter out those operation, which do not correspond to a real sale.

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