We have a new (beta) minecart plugin! Thanks floored1585!

Floored1585 has written a new minecart system from scratch for the server! Yay!

While this is still in beta, there are functions already working perfectly fine. It’s based also on colored wool, so there is no huge difference between what we already have. Also, the general functionality of the individual wool colors will not change too much, but possibly some of the details. So please wait a bit before reconstructing your minecart systems. We also won’t rewrite the documentation before we have something like a “final version”.

What works?

  • Black wool: When powered, creates a minecart, picks you up and then waits for you to press a direction key on the keyboard. Will start driving in that direction
  • Yellow wool: If you drive over it, it will destroy the minecart you are in and you stay where you are.
  • Green wool: Stop where you are until you press a direction key on the keyboard.
  • Orange wool: Slows you down while you are over it.

More stuff such as elevators etc will come, please be patient, plugin development is difficult and a lot of testing needs to be done!

What can you do?

  • Test the stuff above and comment here if there is unintended behavior.
  • Give floored1585 a hug.

14 thoughts on “We have a new (beta) minecart plugin! Thanks floored1585!

  1. Thank you! Noticed earlier today that yellow wool was ejecting and despawning minecarts like we expect. Great work!

  2. All features seem to work as described.

    I’m not familiar with how minecarts work in general (but used them a lot with the old plugin), so these might be normal behaviors, but if I jump out or teleport while riding a cart, the cart will remain on the track. If I’m in a cart and I run into a cart on the track it causes me to reverse directions. I think with the old plugin, carts just disappeared after a moment.

    Super fun to be riding in carts again! Thanks again!

  3. The reverse on collision behavior is not 100% of the time, it seems more random than that. I’m afraid that’s not really helpful feedback.

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback so far. I’m aware of a few things right now:

    – Cart’s don’t despawn after a player ejects (they also don’t get powered when empty). This will be something added in soon.
    – Green/Yellow control blocks aren’t working on curves. Bug! This is happening because for these blocks I wait until the cart is in the middle of the block to execute the block action (so the cart despawns/stops in the middle of the block instead of the edge). I didn’t test them on curves, so I didn’t notice the issue!
    – Can’t spawn carts on someone else’s lot. Not sure if unc wants this to be allowed or not, but it is probably a setting in the plugin that handles permissions that may need to be changed to allow this.
    – Collisions reversing direction. I haven’t put any code in to handle collisions yet, so this is most likely vanilla minecraft behavior. I’ll probably add in code to handle collisions, but right now that’s a lower priority than things like bugs, elevators, and proper intersections.
    – No sign controls. This is something that is 100% going to happen as I have time to add it, probably first for launch blocks and intersections.

    Thanks for testing it guys, please continue to let me know if you find anything else broken!

    • I’m pretty sure I managed to spawn carts with black wool on some of Riedi’s lots in which I am not authorized (for example Nakhti Docks in M9), which I think is a good thing :)

    • … and it works well :)
      I like to have back the function the black wool.

  5. A quick update:

    – Elevator blocks (red wool) functioning. Now 100% suffocation free, if you remember how MCM worked.
    – Empty cart timeout. Any carts left unattended for over 10 seconds will be towed… Into oblivion.
    – Control blocks on curves are working properly.

    Feel free to hit me up if you see any issues not previously mentioned!

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