Sorry for the delays

You most likely have realized that right now a couple of things are broken with the lots: The lot resets do not work, adding people to your lots and some other smaller things.
The issue is that I have been involved in a very important and urgent project at work that is sucking away a lot of my time and attention right now. On top of that, the issues described above are all non-trivial and require to go through a lot of code to fix them properly. So I am not sure when those will be fixed, it won’t take weeks, but I cannot give a certain date at this point.

So sorry, and thanks for your understanding!

5 thoughts on “Sorry for the delays

  1. Thank you for the update Unc. I have not witnessed any players upset with the current status, and there are no problems outstanding that I cannot wait for you to find time to address. I feel extremely fortunate to have this server to play on. Your dedication to our community is a blessing.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything you have to apologize for. You should treat yourself to some chocolate.

  3. No worries that I have seen while on either. Take your time Unc. We are good!

  4. No rush, but I did want to add something. I changed my name recently, and now the lot manager page only displays the one kingdom lot that I have called dibs on. My skyblock, both empires, aether and multiple kingdom lots are not displayed, and I no longer have the option to buy more kingdom lots. This is not a pressing issue for me, I just wanted to let you know.

    =) thanks for the amazing server Unc! With out you I would only play single player.

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