Server down temporarily [Update]

There seems to be some chunk issues that I could locate to a specific region of the server. I will try to reload that region from the backup. If that does not help, we might have to revert the whole server for almost a day.

Keep the fingers crossed.

Ok, so I centered the issue around HylandQuids lot. I reset the file around there and could login and teleport to the location, which previously crashed the server. Let’s hope it keeps up and I can go to bed…

7 thoughts on “Server down temporarily [Update]

  1. Ack! What’s my lot doing to things?

    I re-worked some train tracks yesterday on my plot, that’s all I can remember doing. Mostly I was in the Darklands.

    • Well you weren’t online so it was unanimously decided that it was your fault ;p

      More seriously, I hope you can rebuilt your tracks, if they have been reset by Unc.

      Thanks a lot Unc for being there once again when needed, despite being obviously busy on other matters in the last days.

  2. I’m just glad the problem could be isolated and fixed without everyone having to lose progress.

    As for losing a day of my own progress, it’s hardly noticeable and a small price to pay for everything to be back up and running.

  3. I haven’t seen any updates for today, so I figured I should say something here. I’m getting the error “Authentication Servers are down, please try again later” when I try to log in. Since I’m fairly new to MC servers I have no idea what this means or if it’s an error on my end at that. Still googling and fitting pieces together to make sense of it. Figured I’d say something just in case though.

  4. I just realized that these were from last year…nevermind my comment…heh…

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