Work in progress…

There are several things that I am working right now and others that I re-discovered as to-dos:

  • I have enabled the base process of lot resets. So every day all lots which are up for reset, will be processed as before. The completely re-written process seems to work fine. What is not running yet are lots that have dibs on them. I will work on this process on the coming days to make sure that the dibs process works properly.
  • Additional blocks in the lottery – I have made changes to the code that allow additional blocks in the lottery. If you want to see some of the newer blocks in the lottery, please comment below together with the category (See the lottery webpage).
  • Fixing blocks, sustainable: I have recurring issues of some blocks not properly working in the shop or deposit. I am trying to build a tool that iterates all the blocks in the system and checks if they are properly configured. This should make the whole thing future-proof when new blocks come out. It’s a bit tricky however.
  • Karma & Hunger games: Those two modules have been disabled some time ago and I need to work on them to re-enable them.