What to do if you changed your minecraft username

This is just a quick draft between getting up and getting breakfast. I will convert this into a page later.

IMPORTANT: If you can, empty your inventories and Enderchests in all survival worlds before changing the username, otherwise there is a risk that the contents will be gone.

  1. If you changed your minecraft username, your uncovery website account does not change. Do not make a new account. Keep your old one and use the same username/password to log in. If you delete your account, all your comments and forum posts will be gone.
  2. Try to logon to the game. If that does not work, please be patient. It’s a waiting game with Mojang. They need to update all their systems to be aware about the change. Once they are done with that, you will be able to login to the game. Once that is done, our server here will make all the necessary changes to the system. Your userlogon and password for the website will stay the same, but your posts will be displayed as your new username automatically.

3 thoughts on “What to do if you changed your minecraft username

    • Yes, this is normal. The plugin we are using to separate inventories is based on usernames. Sorry, but nothing I can do there. I posted some time ago that people will need to empty their enderchests. Will add it again here.

  1. It would be advised to look in all of your Enderchests, before you had changed your name.

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