End reset fixed

So it turns out that the plugin which resets our end world does not completely wipe it. It seems that someone has been abusing this by building a base outside the reset radius that the plugin applies and maintaining farms there to make the dragon fight easier.

So I was forced now to install a manual end reset process that once a day wipes the world completely. Please do not exploit bugs in the game. If I catch someone doing this it’s an insta-ban.

5 thoughts on “End reset fixed

  1. Unc, I apologise for the seeming exploit. I built the pearl farm, but didn’t realise it was a bug, since other upper-level players seemed to know the wipe-radius “feature”. (I even put a sign up on it with my name, welcoming anyone who found it.)

    I’m willing to give up my chest of pearls I farmed there, if you want me to, but you can check with some of the other Designer+-level players who found it and congratulated me on it that I didn’t realise I was taking advantage of unintended behaviour.

  2. Honestly did not know that was a bug just thought it was a reset for just the dragon. I am willing to give up my dragon egg as well as my ender pearls and end stone that I got from using it.

  3. I would fight the dragon and see the Enderman farm as a bonus reward, since xp couldn’t be carried out. Oh well… it could have been exploited by others. But really, the dragon fight is pretty simple.

    • I am not so happy with the enderman farm since it makes another very powerful item extremely easily available.

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