So here are updates for recent fixes:

  1. I identified another issue where usernames on the blog would not be updated according to their username changes. This has been fixed now. Once a user with a changed username logs into the server, the website username should be updated correctly
  2. I investigated the teamspeak server and found that there were some misconfigurations which resulted from the last time we moved the server from the old provider to the current one. This has been fixed now and I was able to re-install the website widget which makes you see the teamspeak users on the website. On top of that, I installed a plugin that allows you to see who logs in to the teamspeak server in-game. I am still working on getting text-chat working between the teamspeak server and the game, but there are some config issues. I contacted the plugin author and hope to get a reply soon to fix this. I hope we can get more people then to use teamspeak.
  3. I updated the Server info page since the Hardware/hosting info was outdated, thanks Sleeping_owl for the hint!
  4. I fixed the URL in the /settler command, it was outdated, thanks darthandrew1 for the hint!
  5. /find dark_oak_wood and several others (leaves etc) should now be fixed, thanks library_witch713 and sehrgut42 for the hint!

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