Video Contest!

Welcome to the Uncovery Minecraft Video Contest!


  1. The video must be uploaded AFTER the 10th of June 2015
  2. The person with the most upvotes on their video wins. Downvotes on the videos are ignored.
  3. The video has to be 100% made out of content from Uncovery Minecraft
  4. The video must include a link in the description to the page and contain the term “Uncovery Minecraft” in the title.
  5. There will be judging on 2 categories: Newbies and non-newbies. Newbies cannot have any other videos on their account, non-newbies can.
  6. The video must be at least 90 seconds long
  7. The video can be a trailer, a “let’s play” or anything else.
  8. The video content cannot violate rules that also apply to the server (be offensive etc)
  9. Everyone can submit as many videos as they like, votes are counted per user across all submitted videos.
  10. Every user that submits a video that fulfills the above conditions will receive 5000 Uncs as a reward, provided they are still active users (= have a lot) when the contest closes. This is once per user, not per submitted video.
  11. Submission deadline is 10th of August. Votes per video will be counted on that day.
  12. All discussion, questions and submissions will take place in the forum.
  13. Any kind of texture pack, shader etc is allowed
  14. Annoying users to participate in your videos is NOT allowed.

We recommend you to use Bandicam since it’s free for 10 minute videos. If you want to do something longer, you can split it into several files. You can use any other software of course.

Here are some helpful tutorials you should take a look at before participating: