Development Status now visible on the website

I have created an automatically updated list of all the code issues (bugs etc) that are currently known.I hope this will create clarity on which bugs are known and what is being worked on.

Some of these are maybe a bit technical specially the “code enhancement” tagged ones. You can access that list through the Features menu under the “Development Status” tab.

I will expand this function. The goal is that you will be able to click on an item and see the details as well as get a bit of an idea how much work is being done in the background.

5 thoughts on “Development Status now visible on the website

  1. It looks like they’re just listed with newest at the top. Is it possible to have them listed by priority? Highest priority at the top?

    • The system does not have any priority fields other than the labels.
      If it says “breaking” it means that there is something that stopped working because of a bug. Those would be the highest priority.

      For the rest it’s hard to say anyhow since the programming effort needed per item can be vastly different.

  2. Great, it’s very convenient to see the status as a whole.

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