Reminder on mods/maps/tools

Since we have another PVP world now, I wanted to remind everyone about the rules:

If you have any kind of tool installed that gives you an advantage in the game, it’s not allowed.

This includes any kind of tool or map that allows you to see other players in PVP, see ores, caves or helps you fight is forbidden. Stick to the rules. Remember we ban, but never unban.

3 thoughts on “Reminder on mods/maps/tools

  1. A number of pvp mods out there that I can already point out, a couple of em’

    Censored, Censored, Censored, Censored ( Uncommon mod, the mod basically makes you unable to be killed. )

    Censored Hacks, ( still alive to this day. )

    I think this should cover the common / uncommon ones, as usual to the server, if you see a person using mods / hacks like this, you should probably screenshot it, or better record it.

    • Thief_king, thanks for giving everyone a handy list to google for. If someone did not know those names, how would knowing them help them identify someone using them?
      Do you suggest everyone install them to be able to tell me who is using what hack?

      I took the liberty to remove the names of these. If someone thinks they need to find hacks, they better go and search themselves.

      thanks for helping making the server better…


      P.s. I wonder what that does to your reputation, showing off this kind of knowledge here. Wonder if people still trust you.

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