Mob Eggs & Spawners

So, as I only found out today, you can convert any spawner to spawn any animal as long as you have the corresponding egg to do so. This is a standard 1.8 feature.

Now this is an issue on several levels:

  • I am still selling eggs in the shop. How much sense does it make to sell a horse egg for 1000 Uncs when someone buys it and then sells live horses off his lot?
  • The whole value of any animal where a spawn egg exists is practically zero because of this. I am a bit disappointed on this possibility because I felt that there are already too many things that are too easy to get.
  • Changing this behavior is quite tricky. Everyone who used this so far will have an advantage beyond everyone who comes afterwards.

So I basically now removed all my spawn eggs from the shop. People will have to get looking again or work together to get the animals.

If anyone has an alternative solution, please let me know.

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    • I will think about that. I have drastically reduced the chances of winning one now however. I REALLY dislike the idea of endless, free, work-free resources.

  1. What would you like us to do with the eggs we already have?

  2. Villager Eggs can’t be used for Spawners, so that one is be safe.

  3. I am sorry to see that you didn’t know about this.

    Yes, this 1.8 feature has made some ressources availables in industrial quantities:
    – Cows -> beef
    – Sheeps -> wool
    – Squids -> ink
    – Villagers -> whole set of librarians

    How about keeping the chances to draw eggs from lottery as original, but forbid any egg transformed spawners and give a DL to destroy all existing ones?

    I don’t have any problem with destroying my customized spawners (although I thought my quad cow factory was cool).

    Is it that hard to track those modified spawners in the server to enforce the rule?

  4. I second riedi’s idea for continuing eggs in the lottery.

    Spawner resources are helping us gather for large building, so I don’t see why it should discontinue- other than removing all non-building-support spawners like horse spawners, bat. cat, wolf, and mooshroom . Technically villagers are building supporters because of enchanting and emeralds. However, they can be acquired by zombie villagers, so i can see them being banned for use.

    Basically, everybody has converted every spawner they own already, so how can the market shift to accommodate such renewable resources?

    1. Put a cap on the spawner, just like mobs are capped. The cap should be drastically less than a hundred- say, three? five? ***Headcount is bypassed by these spawners***

    2. Make the mob eggs in the lottery very rare (like you mentioned) to encourage those that already have eggs to sell them and disperse them.

    3. Ban the use of all non-building spawners. This is what I see as disturbing the market most.

    I earned uncs previously by selling enchanted books and weapons/armor, but since the librarian villagers have rolled out enchanting is cheap and the market is flooded with books and enchanted items. I only make uncs now through services and voting. The economy has been dead to me for quite some time.

    • ***the spawner for non-hostile mobs does not abide by headcount, this needs to be fixed.

  5. Why not find the ones using the spawners for profit and ban them if they are new and or remove the spawner from their lot? Use the mob spawners for xp points only.

    • that wouldn’t be fair and it would make newcomers feel disadvantaged. we want more uncoverians, not less.

      • then remove the spawners from the lots that are selling the animals, or make it so the spawner only allows villager eggs and the reg mob in them, or use it for your own personal food supply and not sell anything.

  6. One wee tiny issue for me, and it is minor and most likely insignificant:

    I need bats, a lot of them, but I need them in specific places. The only way to accomplish this would be to purchase bat spawn eggs, as they cannot really be moved once they have spawned, and I fully intended to purchase all that I needed. Bats, and perhaps hostile mobs like witches and creepers, mobs that don’t natually occur in spawners could be made available for purchase so that the spawners can remain XP farms but we may choose our mob. Maybe cave spiders as well so that we may change our spawners back if we do have non-hostile mobs and want to change them back.

  7. On Unc’s side, I would say that while this is a standart 1.8 feature it certainly wasn’t intended for survival play, since in vanilla survival there is no mob eggs. It was obviously intended for creative mode purpose, as previously generating a spawner for something other than pigs required some complicated line commands.

    • This is the only valid answer to this.

      Sorry to say it in a harsh way, but everything else is the same as saying “but we cannot do X without creative mode”.

      • I completely agree with both you and stephdeg. This was clearly not intended for survival.

        I do however, have a question. I’m not sure if this is viable or not, and you’ve probably already considered this, but

        Would it be possible to turn off permission to remove/alter spawners? That is, much in the same way you can’t alter blocks on another person’s lot? That way eggs could stay in the shop, but they could only be used for singular, direct spawns. I take it this is probably not possible though right?

        • Yeah, there might be something I can do. The thing is, it does not make sense to disable future spawners from being modified if I do not have a way for the old ones to be disabled, too.

          I will of course put back eggs into the shop once I found a solution for all of this. As of now, with the spawners being changeable, I removed the eggs however.

  8. This makes me really sad to the point of crying. I use the spawners and regular farms for a variety of things. I buy eggs like horse eggs some times or buy horse from someone who has a color i like. I use the shop for a lot of things. I use it and sell stuff some times too. It seems like this might limit us in our creativity.

    • Yes, it does. It will limit your creativity. Playing a game in survival is about limited resources and what you can do with it. Creative mode is about creativity. We have both modes on the server for a reason.

      Again: Spawn eggs where – by game design from mojang – NEVER intended to be a part of the normal survival game. People asked me to give them to them so they do not have to go looking for animals far away. I enabled that, and when 1.8 came around nobody said a thing. For a good reason. Because you guys all knew that this was not as it was intended.

  9. ^ I second Bugsy.

    I really believe a reconsider, this won’t better the economy, it will cripple it.

  10. I do believe its properly said, people who used that feature used it not for personal gain, but to help others.

    This server was never properly vanilla in the first place, you know this. Your the server owner, eliminating the use of Eggs would completely contradict half of the shop, and render everything you sell on your list a contradiction to eliminating Eggs, no?

    • – It does not matter what they used it for. It’s an unreasonably easy access to unlimited resources. For themselves or for someone else, does not matter. Sharing the resources actually makes it worse, not better. You do not seem to understand at all what I am talking about.

      – Of course it was never 100% vanilla. But that does not mean that we allowed people to get ANYTHING for free unless the vanilla mechanics provided for that. Dirt? Have as much as you want! Monster spawners? Sure, build your factory around it! Farm animals that circumvent the mob spawn limits? Not so much.

      – The shop is there so people can distribute what they WORKED for. Not to give away what they got for free.

      P.S.: There is a “reply” button on every post, if you mean to reply to another comment.

  11. Sorry, just realized that was there, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  12. I have not been on for a while due to having baby number 5. It has taking a lot out of me and hard to get on the server while taking care of 4 children at the same time. My oldest is not around anymore.

    I see this spawner thing as a big problem.
    1. On the rules at the very top is #3. Do not cause lag. A while back people were breeding tons of chickens, cows, and sheep and this was causing major lag for the server. Tons meanings several hundred. To stop this Uncovery put a cap on how many of these creatures could spawn on a lot. To change a mob spawner into a different spawner is by passing what Uncovery was trying to stop.
    2. On the rules. #13 is a important rule. No hacks, mods, cheats or bug exploits. Anything that makes the game easier is a no-go. Visual mods are fine, such as Optifine, Minimaps etc. I would think that changing mob spawners is a cheat that people are taking advantage of. This should of been reported to Uncovery when first discovered. I think that there should be a 3 day grace period for every one to destroy the spawners. After that if any are found then that person should be given a ban.
    3. I see people crying that they need the spawners to do big builds. SUCK IT UP. Look at all the big builds that people have done before this. Look at Pinebenj’s Kingdom lots. That was all done before this. Was the work of many people but they worked their ass off gathering stuff to make it happen. Look at the lots all over Kingdom. Look at mine. I did all of that all by myself. I gathered everything or bought what I could not get and build it all. I have marked off mob spawners on my lots but do not use them. The other listed on my lot is my husband but he hardly does anything. You want stuff handed to you on a silver platter then go build on creative.

    You gather what you need to build. It makes it more of a challenge and fun. You can’t find what you need go to the darklands and gather it. Too scared to go to the darklands then gather and make stuff on your lots and sell at the AH. Grow trees and sell the wood. There are ways to make money on the AH but one must get off their ass and gather the stuff to sell. I made most of my money on the AH to buy my Kingdom lots. Hell, go out at night and kill mobs. You get some good stuff that way. Or even fish. Do the votes to get stuff and earn money. You work to get your items, they are not just handed to you.

    This server is great. Uncovery worked hard to make this server the way it is. It has the perfect balance. If you want it easy then you can go to creative, go make your own game, or go to another server (but you will not find another server like this one).

    One last thing. I’m BBBbaaacccccckkkkk. I have missed you guys. BIG HUGS. :) I am so behind on stuff and commands. It is going to take me a bit to get back into the swing of things.

      • I bit my keyboard to restrain from reply to this point yesterday.. is the lag really worse for a mob spawner than for a full headcount herd used for the same purpose?

        • The thing is that the spawners do not care about the headcount. They will continue to spawn stuff far beyond the headcount limit.

  13. I was not aware this was possible. If I had known and wanted to use it I would have asked if it was ok. I would not have just done it. It appears that many people don’t follow that line of though here. It is disappointing that it has come to this.

    I suggest a grace period where people are allowed to self report their altered spawners and they will be destoyed, or just destroy them themselves. After this time is up start banning anyone who has intentionally concealed their altered spawner and anyone who creates new ones.

    Everyone should have known this was against the rules (or at least thought to ask before doing it). It is obviously against the spirit of the server and its rules.

    • There won’t be a need to ban people. We will have a technical solution that reverts spawners automatically.

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