Last clarification on the mob spawn & eggs issue

  • We will soon disable the spawners that spawn friendly mobs
  • We will then add the eggs again to the shop.
  • We will either make the spawners spawn a random mob or give out hostile mob eggs for people to make the spawners productive again
  • Everyone will have to reduce the amount of mobs on their lot to fit the headcount
  • nobody will have to return any other goods, pay money back or destroy something.
  • Whoever feels that they want to leave the server, please go ahead. ASAP. I rather have a server with 3 people who like it than 300 who only sit around and complain without providing a solution or even want to have a constructive discussion. IF you are undecided, I am happy to build a command such as /ragequit you can use to ban yourself automatically. Just ask. Takes only 5 minutes. Much less than this whole discussion.

6 thoughts on “Last clarification on the mob spawn & eggs issue

  1. lol, if there was a /ragequit I’d probably use it after building half a tower and finding out I was off by one block, then immediately regret it. Not that I’ve ever done something like that….

  2. I was giving you a standing ovation for the final bullet point, but then the librarian threatened to call the police.

  3. If you were to give us the hostile mob eggs for people to make the spawners productive again, would they be: zombie, skeleton, spider, and cave spider? If so how many would each person get?

    • Yeah it’s one option I am still considering. I would make them expensive to prevent abuse. Either REALLY expensive (8k or so) and leave them in the shop, or cheaper (1k) and have them there only for a week until all is fixed.

    • Please ignore that ^. I was stupid and posted late.

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