New Rule, new FAQ layout

I improved the FAQ layout to a collapsible one. There is still work to be done on the layout to make it look a bit nicer, and there is a potential to group things by category which also still needs to be finalized, but in principle it’s done.

Also, there I added a new rule to make it even more explicit why I was not happy about the whole spawner eggs incident:

Do not circumvent rules or game limitations. There are several things we limit in the game, such as deposit boxes, amount of lots, headcount per lot etc. However, there will be always some bugs, oversights or new game features that will allow to circumvent those limits. Do not exploit those. Instead submit a bug report that there is a way to circumvent the limits.

3 thoughts on “New Rule, new FAQ layout

  1. Well.. I surely hope you know about guardian farm and the amount of raw fish they can bring.

    • Personally I assume that conventional mob grinders without modified spawners are okay.

      • There is nothing in the game currently limiting drops from mobs. So making a mob grinder to get drops does not matter as long as the grinder does not create excessive lag.

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