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Dear all,

I have contemplated about making the server code open source – under the GPL which would prevent commercial usage.

Why would I give access to anyone?

Well, first of all, I have given access to the code to other people in the past. I have somewhat tried to “guard” it by giving access to very few selected people only however. There was a success rate of about 50% of people actually contributing valuable code to the server.

Why give access to everyone?

There is a huge difference between having to ask for access, talking with me why one is capable of dealing with it or just being able to go somewhere and take a look. I have contributed over the years to many open source PHP projects simply because I did not have to ask anyone if I could participate in the project.

Would not someone copy Uncovery 1:1?

Theoretically yes, practically no. Running this server is more than just the code. It’s a bit the same issue as two people having the same camera, they would not WANT to take the exact same photo. The server represents how I want to run it, and that is expressed in the code – partly. A lot of other things are in the rules and the dynamics of the settings, and what features we use. Another server admin might not want to have the users be upgraded by voting and so on.

Further, the code being open source does not mean that there is an easy way to replicate it 1:1 since there is (currently) no installation package of any kind. There is a lot of work needed for someone to be able to use the code as it is for their own server.

The main reason

I want to get more people involved in the code and the future or the server. If there are other server admins which want to learn from the code (it’s not that great of a quality in my opinion, but they can still learn from my mistakes :) or help making it better in any way, I think we all can benefit from that.

Comments welcome!

6 thoughts on “Open Source & Uncovery

  1. I say definite no. People will sell this code and I know it’ll happen. This is a valuable server, don’t give it away for free.

    • Let me also add, GPL won’t stop people from comercially using this because for one it is extremely hard to take down a commercial website and two they will most likely just move to another domain.

      • You are making the assumption that a commercial server (and I mean large, commercial server, not just some kid trying to make some bucks) would want to run their complete backend in PHP.

        Also, you are making this assumption without ever having seen the code :)

        The thing here is that if people use the code for their own server they will contribute much more improvements than if they just use the server here.

        • No, I’ve seen the code. Don’t forget, I’m wickedxxxxlego and darthandrew1. The code is very complex. I think that it should be hosted on a public GitHub seperate from the private one and there people can download it and make changes. With that in mind, you can add those changes to the private GitHub if you like them.

          • sorry, forgot that with all the people changing nicknames…

            When I make the code open, it does not mean that anyone can change it. It just means that anyone can fork it. So there is no need for a private repo.

  2. An interesting move.

    I think it will take quite some time to browse the code to leave any comments on it, but in general this is great approach. Copying server isn’t just copying code, it also requires replicating administration and players.

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