Server Status & how to get your homes back

So I figured out that while the servers disks were full, the minecraft server could not write config files to the disk. This is a major problem since a lot of plugins only load a config file when it’s needed (let’s say when the server starts or a user /home when the user joines the server) and then writes it back to the file once the server shuts down or the user leaves the server. Some plugins ALWAYS load the file on startup and ALWAYS write it back to the disk, even if the file was not changed during that time.

So if it cannot write the file back to the disk because there is no space, it will simply write an empty file to disk. That means that the information is lost, /homes are gone or the whole plugin config is wiped.

That caused the IRC system to fail the chat colors to be reset and those users who have been online during the issues had their /homes reset.

I think I was now able to restore all of the plugin settings, but I will not go and restore all the user settings like homes. This is because there are tens of thousands of them and it’s a major hassle to find out which are the right and which are the wrong ones, specially if the user has logged in since the issue and a generally valid /homes config has been generated since.

So I will restore homes by request now. If you are affected by missing homes, you will have this week a chance to get them restored. After that, you will have to recreate them.

So if you KNOW that your homes are not working (please test that first!) and want to have your homes reset to what they were before the 2nd of January, please post your UUID (do a /who on yourself) as a comment here, and I will restore them for you.

If there is anything else not working, please let me know ASAP.

31 thoughts on “Server Status & how to get your homes back

  1. Thank you for being willing to do this.
    Please reset my homes.


  2. 4818a823-c6ca-41ee-9fae-7ca2d66b5f37

    Thank you Uncovery

  3. lilroc17
    homes please

  4. Please restore my homes

  5. Thanks for that work Unc! Hope you will not be showered with “sethome” requests :)

  6. 5cb25d8c-16ba-45a5-8a60-0aa347d89c8e
    Please fix my homes. Thank you

  7. Thanks for getting everything settled!

    My UUID is: fe4d8920-6358-41d3-926d-985751306736
    Whenever you have the chance. Cheers!

  8. I am a fan of taking the time to walk to your lots to reset your homes. How much has changed on the server since you last made the walk? Might be a good way for people to discover cool new builds they never knew were there. :D

    • I love doing these walks.

      I recently revisited empire spawn for the first time in a long long while, and a lot I used to own adjacent to spawn. My how the world keeps on changing. kinda crazy.

    • I once toyed with the idea to organize running races through empire or kingdom, but never got to the point of making it public. I don’t know exacty how we could control that people wouldn’t use /tp or /home but trusting eachother might be an option too, if we do it between friends.

  9. I don’t mind walking to my lots in empire/kingdom, I tend to follow Pag & Psiber on this one.. but the nether bases are another story, so I would love to have my homes restored:

    UUID d442a3c6-ed67-48b7-af08-199e0773bdf2

  10. I would appreciate the help to have my homes reset. Thanks
    UUID: e902a89f-3dc4-4153-9740-7afdf0b50f9a

  11. I would like my homes reset too.

    UUID: b14560b1-68c5-9b1a-83e838556d74

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