Multi-accounting – the big plan

I wanted to give an overview on how I plan to transition from Multi-accounting to Single-account users:

We will first implement systems that allow you to pay Uncs for whatever you could so far get only with multiple accounts. That would be homes, deposit slots and lots in Empire and Flatlands etc. There will be a mechanism to move items from your secondary accounts to your primary account for the lots.

Once all is in place, we will give some time for people to consolidate all their stuff on their main account. Then we will officially disallow secondary accounts. Everything will be announced in time and we will make sure that nobody loses stuff because of lack of information.

12 thoughts on “Multi-accounting – the big plan

  1. Sounds like a win for everybody. Can’t wait to buy more homes and deposit slots.

    • Well some people did and we did not actively do anything against it. Then it got out of hand and now we stop it.

  2. I use my second account for enchanting i would still like to use it. I can deal with all the other stuff losing lot and homes and since i don’t vote with it doesnt matter. but i really use it for enchanting. so will second accounts be gone completely or will i still be able to use it a little . can u combine accounts so that a second can still be used just now for the other stuff

    • We want to get rid of 2nd accounts. I want to enable users to do with their one account what they used 2 accounts for. If you help me understand why you cannot enchant with your 1st account, I can maybe fix that.

    • Is this an issue that would be solved by having more homes? ie on your main account you have a new home (easily purchased under new system) set to your enchanting table?

      • So what if this enchanting table were in the Darklands set at a base? I could see a second account being important there. Transferring between there and normal survival is a pain… like, life-ending pain xD

        • It’s supposed to be that. Using a 2nd account abuses the system. I will not allow someone a 2nd account to do that.

        • Also solvable by more homes.

          Most players I’m aware of with dark lands farms spawners etc have a home set in the nether side corresponding to their base coordinates in darklands.

          On the darklands side you add your spawner, anvil / enchanter and enderchest.

          To use it you
          /home nether
          walk through the portal
          use farm or whatever
          anvil / enchant etc
          deposit it in chest
          walk through darklands portal
          retrieve contents from enderchest
          walk back through spawn portal

          • That is right. It’s a process. Speaking of the topic, can we leave the channel that shows players deaths? I have left /ch n for notifications but it still shows up. I want people to have that ability because I don’t want to spam up chat with suicides as I transfer all my blocks from the Darklands. It can be bothersome.

            This isn’t brought up only for Darklands transfers. Death spams could also be from boss fights or players trying to find a spam loophole.

            Also, sorry for questioning this, I just play devils advocate a bit too often. Multiple accounts cost money, and so on. I hope the players that have them can sell them.

            Thanks for finding balance, Unc.

            • The death messages are not in any channel so you cannot switch them off. I would have to switch them off for the whole server.

              Yeah, I also hope people will be able to sell the accounts.

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