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This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes. You can see the complete status here.
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6 thoughts on “Today’s development updates

  1. RE Issue 109

    I have been testing this and keeping notes for a few weeks. Particularly on Dec 30, 2015, riedi, pagriefer and I rode around lots of kingdom rail, and I tried all the buttons/plates. I’ve also tried other areas with Bugsy_danny and some on my own. Here are my results. I have not tested every single one twice, but I have tested quite a few twice or more, and the results repeat the same each time.

    I can use buttons and pressure plates on these lots, and I have no permissions on these lots: i7b, i9, j6, j10, k10, L6, L8, m4, m11, n4, o12c, r10a

    I can not use buttons or pressure plates on these lots: m12, p22a, r7b, s4, s9c.

  2. More RE Issue 109

    Owl had a theory that the lots transferred since 1.8 are the ones where users cannot use buttons, plates and doors. He and I tested this on his lots today and the theory was confirmed with every test. We tested transfers prior to 1.8, transfers since 1.8 and non-transfers. I could use plates and buttons on all lots except those transferred since 1.8.

    I do know how to tell if or when a lot was transferred, so I cannot check my whole list.

    • Well, one of the lots on which I cannot use buttons is S4, riedi’s lot, and he is certain that lot was not transferred to him, so this breaks the theory.

      • DuckyBoy3210 originally bought king_S4 and built what is there now. When he got his new account LinkLux, DuckyBoy3210 transferred it to his new account. When LinkLux decided he would not be playing anymore he transferred it to riedi73. I’m sure Unc can verify this in the logs.

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