New homes system active!

The new homes are active now. Below is the documentation.
Your old homes are automatically imported – once – for free. If you get promoted from now on, you will not get additional homes for free anymore, you will only get the right to buy more home slots. New settlers will have to buy all their homes (including their first one), but also get 100 Uncs for free on join to buy one.

Please help me to find places on the website where homes are referenced so I fix it for the new system!

Plugin / Command Description
Home Manager: This command allows you to warp to pre-defined locations (homes). It also allows you to buy additional homes locations, depending on your userlevel. Home prices increase with each additional home. We use the formula: cost = (no_of_homes ^ 3) x 10.
/home <home name> Warps you to your home. If you have several homes, add the name of it.
/homes buy <home name> This will buy you 1 additional home slot.
/homes update <home name> [new name] This will update the position of an existing home. Alternatively to /homes update <name> you can also use /sethome <name>. You can rename the home at the same time by optionally adding a new name after the current name.
/homes rename <home name> <new name> This will change the name of an existing home.
/homes list [world] This will list all of your homes. Optionally add a world name to filter
/homes check This will return the cost of your next home you can purchase along with your current maximum number of homes.

7 thoughts on “New homes system active!

  1. I’m pretty sure the end of the settler process tells them to set a home.
    You may have already gotten that one…it takes a long time for me to check

  2. In The Darklands segment of the World Descriptions page the /sethome command is mentioned.

  3. For some reason when i use /home it sends me half a block away from where it is set. This problem started today so i don’t think it had anything to do with the home change. I also tried to change the home with the new command but it is still half a block from where i set it. Can you try to fix this

    • I just posted that and i noticed that it always sends me to the nearest corner

      • Ok, so the original numbers that store your location have 8 digits behind the comma. We dropped all those numbers. I now upgraded the system to store 2 digits behind the comma, that means a 100 x more accurate system. Hope that is enough?

        • yes thank this helps a lot because i was getting stuck in the wall

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