Homes in lottery, teamspeak user list

I have enabled now (thanks to psiber for the coding help) that one can win a home in the lottery – at 0.1 chance! You can see the new chances on the voting webpage. The system will now roll between 1 and 1’000 and give you the appropriate result. Good Luck! To avoid that this becomes a cash factor, we now disabled the possibility to sell homes. We might enable that later again if needed. Also, the homes reward will succeed even if you exceeded you maximum homes!

Further, you can now see who is online on the teamspeak server by doing /teamspeak list

12 thoughts on “Homes in lottery, teamspeak user list

  1. The numbers overlap. For example, rolling 100 can’t yield both a diamond and a diamond block.

  2. you’ve been able to list the users in TS for a while… but never the less good work… :)

      • yes i remember a few weeks ago wondering who all could see what i was writing in chat i tried finding the commands for listing the users on the IRC and team speak… all i typed in game was /teamspeak and it showed me the avalible commands then i typed /teamspeak list and it was 100% accurate to the users in the TS at that given moment

          • I feel as if im an idiot but i swear on everything i remember it clear as day typing in the command /teampseak list and see it listing the users in green and the heading text in yellow….

          • i also remember even more commands then the two that are listed now…. you could be able to /teamspeak pm i actually tested it out and still have the chatlog here is a screenshot of the bot messaging me as i sent the command to message myself from ingame -> teampseak

            this screenshot was taking today 1/20/2016 but i have it enabled to log chatlogs


            • Ah yes, I remember. We used to have a special minecraft teamspeak plugin which I had to remove because it did not work as expected. It did those things, but I then wrote my own system to properly authenticate users. I am adding now back some of the features we lost at the time when I had to remove the plugin.

      • ive just did it in game and the colors are diffrent then before … the format and colors for how it displays the users is diffrent

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