Homes 100 x more accurate now!

jensenisbatman made me aware that the new homes system is visibly inaccurate. We have stored home locations only with integer numbers such as 1,2,3. Minecraft however stores locations much more accurate, such as 1.5434232344. I have changed the system now so that we store them with 2 digits behind the comma, (1.54). While this is still not as accurate as minecraft does it, I hope it will be accurate enough for everyone. You need to use the /homes update command to get better locations for existing homes.

5 thoughts on “Homes 100 x more accurate now!

    • /homes update isn’t executing, it’s asking me to specfify a home. I did this after home-ing into a floor.

        • Ah! T thought it would just verify all my homes, so it’s /homes update . Thanks!

          • yes, it’s the standard command to set a home with the same name to a different location. The manual also refers to the fact that you need to give the name of the home you want to update – as you wrote above.

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