New shortcut commands /uncs and /imsg

Thanks to the proposals from psiber, we have now 2 new shortcuts:

/imsg <user> <message>

is the same as /irc msg <user> <message> and used to send direct private messages to IRC users. Further,

/uncs [user]

is the same as /money status [user] and is used to retrieve your current Uncs balance (or someone else’s if you add a username.

7 thoughts on “New shortcut commands /uncs and /imsg

  1. Awesome! But for the /uncs command, can you also have the command
    /uncs give (user) like the command /money give (user)?

    • no, this does not work.
      /uncs translates into /money status.
      If you add ‘give’ to it, you get
      /money status give
      which does not make sense.
      Either I change the whole command from /money to /uncs OR I make a shortcut for /money [command] with /uncs, (which I just did). I cannot do both. Makes sense?

      • I understand, just thought there could be a command that could save a few seconds.

        • Yeah we can always think about other shortcuts for longer commands of course. It just cannot be /uncs since that is used now. If you have a good idea how we can abbreviate /money give, let me know.

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