Depositboxes are now purchasable!

With the help of Psiber, we have now a new system for depositboxes! Similar to homes, you can now buy them in order to get more slots. The pricing is also the same as for the homes. We further gave everyone who currently owns a lot on the server for free the amount of boxes they could have before this change. So you are not disadvantaged if you did not fill all possible at this point in time.

Settlers can get a maximum of 5, Citizen 10, Architect 20, Designer 30, Master 50 and Elder 50 deposit boxes.

Everyone will be able to buy additional boxes from now on. Please see the commands in the /depositbox help menu for further details.

5 thoughts on “Depositboxes are now purchasable!

  1. As an avid deposit user, I can confirm that this is awesome. Thank you Psiber!

  2. Nice ^^. Time to take some uncs out of circulation to deflate inflation of the Unconomy…

    I mean, neat, time to go online again after quite a while.

    PS: Either it’s just me or a problem with my smartphone but there is a tiny format error with resetting the PW for this page. The reset link consists of “;”, where the “>” at the end of the link also gets taken into account for the hyperlink which is sent to you to reset your PW which in turn will make the resetlink invalid. Just a headsup for people who also encountered this problem.

    • Look forward to seeing you back Job. Did you know you can buy more homes too now?

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