Server issues

There seems to be something wrong with the server. After 2 users got stuck in limbo after entering the ender dragon portal, the server crashed overnight. 

I restarted it this morning but it seems to have been a short-lived fix since the server went down again. 

The biggest issue is that I am not at home and can only restart the server via cellphone but not really search and fix the issue.

Please report here in the comments if the server is down for now.

Further, if the server crashes right after you login, please report it and do not login for today anymore since you might be the cause for it.

2 thoughts on “Server issues

  1. Server was up for a second said 0/50 players online. I tried to log in and it glitched again. could not move or see screen. so staying logged out. So Sorry we broke the server.

  2. Well I was able to get back in then I went back to the end just because I wanted to fight the Dragon again and it started acting up again so sorry about that if I interrupted anybody’s game play I will not be going back to the end

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