Smaller fixes

Just wanted to let you know that there are some smaller fixes done:

  • Nether Brick has a really stupid internal naming system, with nether_brick being the block, netherbrick being the individual brick and some systems using nether_brick_item for the latter. This has caused people who deposited the individual bricks not being able to withdraw them. That is fixed now.
  • Skulls (skeleton, zombie etc) have two different types, the one that is in-game, placed somewhere and the other one that you can hold in your hand. stupidly they have the same name, but are two different things. Spigot names the second one ‘skull_item’ but I cannot use that to give it to people, so I need to do some conversion. This is fixed now. So you should be able to deposit and trade skulls now.
  • Reading in-game of web blog posts with line breaks did not work. The format is now correct and you can see it just as well as on the web.