Help wanted: Items disappearing after death

Dear all, I have gotten multiple reports now over the last couple of weeks about items disappearing too quickly after someone dies. E.g. someone dies, quickly runs back to the location or even teleports with /home but everything that should be dropped on the floor is gone, even if it took them only seconds. I have done some tests and could not replicate the issue. So I need to have a reliable scenario in which this happens, and it has to be reproducible. There are several factors that can contribute to the issue:

  • Different worlds
  • Close to the spawn or not
  • other people being in the same world or not
  • other people being in the vicinity or not

The most likely scenario for this to happen would be when you are alone in a world like the darklands (not in the empire) and some distance from the darklands spawn.

I need reports from people this happens to and what was your location, was anyone around or not etc. No need to tell me when you actually find your stuff. Please test this with random items such as gravel, no need to use your enchanted diamond pick for this.

2 thoughts on “Help wanted: Items disappearing after death

  1. Stuff may “disappear” when you fall from to high on slabs. Then ev. it lays under the slabs in hollow spaces and not on the slabs where you died – but it’s not gone. Plus it looks like when you die from falling, stuff spreads out way more out then before – so just open eyes and search more. With burning I have no experience…

  2. I’ve only had it happen when using the “respawn command” twice in a row by mistake. I was moving from the end to my base and when I loaded into the kingdom world by mistake i did it again. seconds later I typed “home king1” and the exact spot I died on there was nothing. ( full diamond gear picks and many blocks..)

    I was able to do this twice when testing I never even saw items drop on my death..

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