Damage check please!

Yesterday we had some issue with the server protection. The effect was that the fire spread was enabled and apparently some things got damaged.

I would like everyone to comment if they have major damage and if they want to have their lots reset. It’s easier to do everyone at once instead of following up 1 by 1 over the coming days. There is a risk that your lot was damaged if someone was online near your lot during the following time:

  • yesterday afternoon Hong Kong time
  • yesterday early morning US time (4am-11am)
  • yesterday morning EU time (9am onwards)

Please kindly go and check your lot and leave a comment here if you need a reset to the status before that time.

1 thought on “Damage check please!

  1. have already sent the msg with the lots that require a reset, so here is the list again.
    kingdom lots – H19, H19a, H19c, H20, H20c and G20
    Not sure if i should put the comment as i had said the msg but i did just incase

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