Stop AFK fishing, please!

I am aware that there are 2 users on the server that do some AFK fishing, one a bit and the other one a lot. I am writing this here to let you know that you are doing it, and that I want you to stop it and dump the fish that you got.

The issue is that I “can” prevent it but it would have quite bad consequences for much more people on the server. I can rig the AFK detection to kill on detection, but it does not differentiate between different AFK reasons. So people who travel a lot with boats trigger the AFK detection as well, but I don’t want to kill them for that.

So in other words, I don’t want to see any more fishing AFK alerts anymore. Next time I detect this, the user will be banned.

4 thoughts on “Stop AFK fishing, please!

  1. Please listen to Unc. I get afk dropped all the time during extended villager trading, boat rides, and long crafting and have no desire to die each time. That and sometime I zone out when the TV distracts me and I just normally hit the 5 min AFK boot – still don’t want to die each time.


  2. Not me mention its very overpowered and gives you amazing books and stuff.. it should be patched by MC..

  3. Agree to Uni’s point. Also want to point on the enchanted bows you can get out; specially in the_end they are useful to hunt shulkers and gather shells (and dragon heads) more easy. To me it’s very close to cheat and that stuff should be given back as well!!!

  4. The only good thing about fishing in the End is that you cant make the machine to do it for you.. that i assume it what Unc is talking about and should be stopped. if you want to spend hours in the end fishing from a pond you make im ok with that personaly

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