Some progress behind the scenes

Today I made some progress behind the scenes for the server.

I am using a self made debugging tool that is sending me instant messages when there are errors in the code and debug texts wherever I insert an alert in the code. That system broke some weeks ago when 2 software libraries were updated.

I have been struggling ever since to fix the issue. Partly because time constraints and partly because limited technical knowledge I could not fix the issue. Today I have finally resolved it and the system is back up and running. This is a base fix for any kind of improvement in the server, so that’s great.

The first thing I looked into was the bottlexp command and i might have solved this. I need to to one or two more tests and then we likely can reactivate the command.

I will then try to setup a temp server with the latest development snapshot to try and get a picture of the level of disruption the new version will bring.

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